Beasty Island


For my final year at University, I teamed up with a whole team of students simulating a game development studio, and I took the (only) Lead Tech Role. Over 90% of the Blueprints and Animation Blueprints, I'm responsible for and can take credit. The player is tasked to find their way through the hostile Island In this unique blend of a top-down shooter with squad mechanics. Although it won't be finished commercially, there's 20m of gameplay in the demo.

  • Have your squad seamlessly swap between AI and a Player 

  • Upgrade your weapons stats between levels with points from objectives

  • Objectives and Sub-Objective system, all created from the exact same actor

  • Runtime async level loading in 'transition rooms' with no difference in visuals

  • Unique enemies all created from the same AI and Behaviour Tree set (as children)

Windows Build [700mb]