Rebirth: The Crossfire (below)

Rebirth: The Crossfire


During my final year I built a full campaign, based upon a Framework (lecturer provided). The Framework I was provided was based around 2D space combat with AI, however I took this to the next level and created a system which allows the entire Framework to be represented to 3D as an FPS game. Where the player must manage their ship and control the fleet with various different 3D displays. With many completely new core-mechanics. Unique Features Including:

  • Do anything to the 2D framework and see it represented in your 3D ship instantly

  • Manage your ship with over 13 unique displays, all showing different data or tasks

  • Tell the ship's AI to move, dock, or flee. Depending on the current objectives assigned

  • Assign each weapon a Firegroup, then assign each Firegroup a target (for fighting enemies)

  • Access the Marketplace, which seamlessly sells your ship parts, or purchases new and improved ones

  • Follow the story and lore, by listening to the AI-generated voice across each mission giving you tasks

Windows Build [1.1GB]