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Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition (Steam)


Windows 10

Apocalypse: 2.0 Edition is an extremely fast paced shooter, which mixes several modern mechanics into the classic zombie survival experience.

My first free commercial project is an Impressive self-built zombie survival FPS, taking a classic idea and modernising it with new and improved mechanics, with fast paced gameplay, using UE4. All tech was created by me, with all other parts integrated by me but created by asset creators. Features include:

  • Multiplayer support (via Steam), or Solo Play (the default)

  • Vulcan, DirectX12, OpenGL, and DLSS supported without issues

  • Complete inventory system with randomised looting (based on percentages)

  • Complete Upgrading system, XP Progression system, and Marketplace system

  • Extremely optimised AI zombie system, with 5 models, each having 25+ animations each

  • Over 13 survival maps with 2 different time of days, and 3 linear (objective based) maps

  • Several weapons, attachments, items (eg, grenades), useable's (eg, health), and stat boosts


Unreal Engine 4

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