Project Escape I (below)

My University Work

Project Escape I


For my second year at University, I built an FPS Escape-Room game inside Unity with an included level editor. Tasked to search through levels to find the correct items for each puzzle, meanwhile the oxygen supply and fog deteriorates quickly. This focuses on several developer created levels and the player surviving them all with good high scores. This is one my planned commercial projects, releasing in the far future. Features including:

  • Pickup or Interact with any object in the level

  • Figure out the application for each item you find, and if they're actually useful

  • Survive long enough before the oxygen supply becomes too low and you pass out

  • Playthrough levels multiple times to achieve high-scores on the Steam leaderboard

  • Create your own (limited) interior levels, with a full game loop, 

Recently remastered with the latest visuals from the Unity 2021.2 Preview, along with several optimisations and critical bug fixes. Check out the new download.

Remastered Build [200MB]


Legacy Build [200MB]